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Weekly Journal #8

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Weekly Journal #8

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·Apr 4, 2022·

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How to Be an Ally

I mentioned in my first post that I was reading the book. I finally finished it last week, and this week we had a discussion meeting at work about it.

Overall, everyone learned something from the book and had positives to say. I liked the history shared in the initial chapters, the detailed tables with easy-to-understand examples in the middle chapters, the allyship diagram in the last chapter, and a few more sub-topics.

My biggest complaint is that many examples and backstories present a North American perspective. I hope this book gets popular globally, but based on its current content, it wouldn't make much impact on someone outside North America. For example, in the Indian context, people face discrimination based on where they live and what caste they belong to. The horrible caste system of India is rooted in the everyday life and work of people. A supplement to this book with examples of the implications of the caste system at the workplace would be great. It would then reach people globally and make an impact.

When I mentioned my views in the meeting, my colleague said that maybe this book should be called How to Be an Ally in North America. That sounded pretty accurate!


Kotlin 1.6.20 got published on April 1! I'm super excited about it because it should be fixing a lot of annoying issues around Kotlin/JS in a Kotlin Multiplatform library project.

I wrote about some existing issues. Furthermore, I would be writing an update post to mention what's been fixed in 1.6.20 release.


My colleague Kevin built a discord chatbot using Kotlin/JS. He demoed his side project to us on Friday. It was really cool to learn about that.

He is writing a series of blogs on that, so follow him on Twitter and keep an eye out for his blog post tweet on that.

In this section, I'll be sharing the blog posts I came across during last week

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