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Weekly Journal #7

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Weekly Journal #7

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·Mar 27, 2022·

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Kotlin Multiplatform

  • A cool library was announced this week that solves many core issues around exporting Kotlin to JS through KMP. Checkout KustomExport by @glureau. I'd test it out in the upcoming week as I just wrote about some of these existing issues in my @JsExport guide blog.


  • One of the best tools for android device mirroring, scrcpy is now available through a GUI application. Thanks to @kaleidot725 who used scrcpy and put it into an application format for easy access. It's funny that it took so long for someone to implement this.
  • Google is piloting alternate 3rd party payment options for Android. I'm expecting a bit of a headache for developers if this gets real in the future. We would need to write and maintain code to handle different billing providers. Google Play Billing already has gotchas and needs careful implementation for many edge cases around billing.


An important fix related to magnifying tool is coming to Android 13 that got introduced in the recent DP2 release. I remember having issues around this when I tested accessibility for an app we were developing a couple of years ago. The accessible typing experience on the apps isn't great for users who need that assistance.


I'm not an expert on Android's device attestation, but it was good to read about an upcoming change here on AP. I'm looking to read deeper into this as I'm a mobile security enthusiast.

It's not a convincing argument that it's a bigger problem if the key installed by an OEM at the factory gets compromised. Only devices from that OEM get compromised if the key gets compromised. In the new remote provisioning, google (a single company) would become a point of failure, and a lot more users worldwide would get affected if a key gets compromised? I understand that it can be mitigated quickly by revoking the certificates. I consider that as one of the main arguments for the new system.


It's good news that Twitter now has a .onion site available if you're a Tor and Twitter user.


First time in my life, I just got a new 1Gbps internet connection. It's pretty crazy to think about my journey related to internet speeds. Even when the western world had somewhat good speed internet 15 years ago, we used to get very excited with 1 or 2Mbps speed in India back in college. Even that was a big jump from our at-home internet speed in Kbps.

Paying a lot of money doesn't get justified through Wi-Fi usage only. I'm barely getting even 500Mbps on Wi-Fi. I would need to get on a wired connection to utilize the speed and justify the money.

Thanks to my employer who started giving monthly stipends for the internet expense because of remote work. It would cover half the cost every month.

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