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Weekly Journal #6

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Weekly Journal #6

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·Mar 20, 2022·

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Kotlin Multiplatform

  • I learned about a new book launch called Kotlin Multiplatform by Tutorials this week on raywenderlich.com

    Looks like it's focused on Android, iOS, and Desktop, so I guess it would be lacking Kotlin/JS deep dive. I don't have their subscription, but maybe I can utilize the learning stipend we get at work to subscribe to their website and do the course. There will always something new to learn.

  • I'm happy that popular Kotlin Weekly newsletter featured my Kotlin/JS blog posts for two consecutive weeks.

    I'm currently writing the third blog for the series. Hoping to release it soon. :)

    Subscribe to Kotlin Weekly email newsletter for weekly posts about new things in Kotlin. There is also Android Weekly if you're into Android as well.


Google Play team is coming up with a new tool to help with the problem of storage space for apps. They are planning to release a bundling tool to create archived APK and then a release later this year to use that on devices.

I find this interesting and useful as I personally had to uninstall apps just recently to free up storage space on my phone. Let's see how it goes from announcement to actual work in place.

Unfortunately, I am not developing any app these days, but I'll keep this in mind to use in the next app project I work on.

Android Studio / IntelliJ

We were sharing our favourite IDE tips and tricks during our weekly dev knowledge sharing meeting, and there I got to know this really cool feature of Language Injection in IntelliJ.

It's such a great and powerful feature that I unfortunately didn't know about. Once you inject a language, either permanently via annotation or temporary assignment, IDE would help you autocomplete writing code in that language and would also check for syntax errors. It's mind-bendingly convenient.

For example,

val writeHtml = ""

Once you start typing in the above string, you'll get help from IDE to write in HTML

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