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Weekly Journal #5

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Weekly Journal #5

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·Mar 13, 2022·

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I had a busy last week, or probably I was less focused as I didn't take much note of my learnings. Luckily few things came to mind when I quickly looked at Github and Slack history.

Kotlin Multiplatform

  • I'm happy that I managed to write the next post of my Kotlin/JS blog series. It's in the draft right now, and I am gathering feedback from the internal team. Planning to publish it tomorrow on my dev.to profile. :)

  • Apart from that, I'm struggling with generating something like JsDoc from Kotlin KDoc for a Kotlin/JS library. It looks like I can only use Dokka to generate documentation. Dokka's output for a multiplatform setup is not very clean. It brings all platforms, and it's not straightforward for a web developer consuming the JS library who doesn't have any knowledge of Kotlin or KMP.


The buildSrc dependencies definitions on the project I'm working on had got disorganized over the time accumulated. There were some unused dependencies and some needed version updates. So I worked to clean that up. During the process, I accidentally deleted LeakCanary. We didn't catch that for a few days until my colleague tried to use it and found it deleted.

The reason was the one-liner easy integration of the LeakCanary library. One needs to add the dependency implementation in the Gradle build file, and that's it. The last time I integrated it into a project, it wasn't like that, so I wasn't aware of that easy integration.

I was searching for in code references for particular dependency to determine whether we use it or not. It was also looking at any import statement with a particular keyword. I didn't find any for the LeakCanary, so I thought we removed the code for some reason, and the dependency is now obsolete, so I deleted that.

I guess either my manual search method to find obsolete dependencies is inefficient, or this leak canary integration is just a one-off thing.


Now that the covid situation is somewhat under control and mask requirements are going away, I'm considering joining some co-working space for a few days a month. It would be nice to meet some people, network, and chat about things.

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