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Weekly Journal #3

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Weekly Journal #3

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·Feb 27, 2022·

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Unfortunately, I broke my journal writing streak just on my 3rd week but I was fully aware of it and I let it happen!

Reason -> It was dedicated family-friends time as it was a long weekend in Canada with Family Day holiday. Regardless of this newish journal writing idea, I am usually working or doing something work related even on weekends so I don't dedicate myself truly to family & friends. So I let my streak break and made a mental note to not miss twice (@ Atomic Habits)

Kotlin Multiplatform

My colleague Gustavo shared news about a new Environment analysis tool from Kotlin team called KDoctor. My first observation from looking at README was that the output looks pretty similar to flutter doctor.

Nevertheless, it seems a super useful tool for Kotlin Multiplatform. Ensuring that you've all the components properly set is very critical for successful and easy onboarding for a Kotlin Multiplatform project.


Personally, my experience with react-native has always been painful. I don't work on it often, but in one of my side projects, I maintain a react-native bridge for an Android SDK.

Whenever I have to update the bridge, I struggle with random issues. This time I struggled with this issue (link-1, link-2) which seems pretty widespread. After following so many comments, I ended up making some changes that allows the app to run properly, but I could still see warning on UI. It was annoying to see a warning on the UI that is not my app's content. I gave up, thinking that it won't be shown in a release version.

Server-side rendering

I'm not a web developer, and don't have much knowledge either, but I came across a couple of news in the past week regarding server side rendering of web pages. First this post from Github and then from Yelp engineering. The idea has been out there since some time, but seems like it's getting some serious attention lately.

Service side rendering concept itself is relevant for mobile devs as it solves some interesting problems. Declarative UIs like Compose UI and SwiftUI also make the case for on-the-fly rendering through server.


SeriesGuide is a popular Android app, and it seems like it's adopting Material You.

The app is open source. It would be a good place to learn about API implementation and get ideas about pros and cons of it through a non-google app.


I mentioned reading the book How to Be an Ally in Weekly Journal #1. I'm almost 30% done at this point.

Just wanted to share a couple of lines from the book,

There’s no magic wand that creates diversity, equity, and inclusion. Change happens one person at a time, one act at a time, one word at a time.

If you have never had a Supreme Court decide if you have the same rights as others, you have privilege.

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