Weekly Journal #14

Weekly Journal #14

Jun 20, 2022·

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Here I'm after my first failure in this blog series. The goal is not to miss the journal post for two weeks in a row, but it happened between the last post and this post. It is not a big deal, but it's something to acknowledge and be careful about next time.

Kotlin Multiplatform

I attended my first Kotlin Multiplatform Users online meeting. Around 20-25 users were present. The group primarily discussed who should build the essential libraries for things like I/O & logging. Should the community develop those, or Kotlin's library team? Should Kotlin provide basic API structures in standard library, like how stdlib defines coroutine APIs?

Another insight Sebastian shared was that they're trying to reduce the time it takes for IntelliJ to integrate the Android Gradle Plugin updates. It is a multi-team effort across both Google and JetBrains that they're working on.

Developer Experience

Justin shared a post in our work Slack around developer experience (DX) back in Feb 2022. I kept it in my saved items until recently, and I was quite delighted after reading the post. I have always cared about developer experience for the SDKs I've built in terms of providing samples, documentation, etc. The article and amazing sub-links to other articles go way deep into the tooling experience and much more. I will care and think about DX more going forward. At Touchlab, we also deeply care about iOS developer experience around tooling and adopting Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

Open Source

GitHub shared their experience from roundtable discussions around OSS policy and infrastructure. I have been interested in understanding and knowing tech policy-related discussions from a nation/government point of view. This post links to some key groups and events around OSS infrastructure and policy for the US government.

From the sublinks, Frank Nagle's report about policy agenda for OSS is a fantastic read. Measuring the value and economic impact of OSS, benefits of the US government's investments in GPS, and security concerns around popular OSS, etc. were great points to understand.

Twitter thread about engineers and knowledge-sharing

Compensation and equity

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