Weekly Journal #11

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Weekly Journal #11

May 9, 2022·

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Finally, Covid hit me for the first time, and I was down for the entire last week. I put together thoughts for my weekly journal last Saturday, but before I could write on Sunday, I got sick and bedridden. I don't remember when last time I skipped work for the whole week due to sickness. I wanted some break for sure but not being super sick. Now I lost work time, and that too without an actual vacation. Anyways, I can't complain much. Covid has had a far worse impact on many people around the world. I have not fully recovered yet, but I'm glad to feel a bit normal and excited to start working again.

Application Security

  • Project Zero team at Google shared interesting states and blog about zero-day exploits in 2021. The number of vulnerabilities is the highest ever. They mentioned that it's a good thing because it means that detection and disclosure are improving. Outstanding Questions were also intriguing.

  • GitHub Security Lab team shared an insightful article about Removing the stigma of a CVE. It clarifies what CVE means and clears some myths around it. I also got a bit scared when I first saw the list of vulnerabilities mentioned with CVE numbers next to them in a mobile security analysis report. Later I got more involved with mobile security, so things got easy.

    a CVE is a tracking number—nothing more, nothing less


Well, #GoogleIO 2022 is here! Happening on May 11-12. Are you excited?!

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