Weekly Journal #1

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Weekly Journal #1

Feb 6, 2022·

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Last week, I thought about starting to write about things I learned, observed, or liked over the past week and then write a blog post about it at the end of the week. Hopefully, that would make it into a good habit of producing a small blog post every week. Fingers crossed!

Kotlin Multiplatform

  • If you're using Kotlin Multiplatform and dealing with Kotlin/JS as part of it, then beware that kotlinx-datetime library has over 200KB size impact on final JS binary. We already knew about ktor or kotlinx-serialization size impact but we always assumed that datetime won't affect much until I checked the size impact by temporarily removing the library. My target for next week is to see if I can move it to use only on mobileMain source set and use the default date object from Javascript for jsMain source

Coda (frustrations)

  • We use coda for our internal docs at work, and I want to complain that their markdown support for code formatting is frustrating. They somehow need an extra spacebar to be pressed to trigger some logic that would then make text into a code format. It requires conscious effort to remember to press the extra spacebar every time one types. You might also end up in double space before the next word once coda makes your current word in code format.
  • Honestly, while writing the above point, I thought about creating a GIF to add below the paragraph because it's hard to understand the problem if you don't use Coda. So I opened Coda in a private window because it uses my work google sign-in. But it doesn't let me edit any document because it's opened in a private browser window! Why would a paid doc-maker software care whether I'm using a private window or not! Just let me use it! Quite frustrating!!!!

    Image showing error on coda.io regarding unable to use private browser


  • We'll be reading and discussing a book as part of our March DEI club at work. I started reading it over the weekend. It's called How to Be an Ally: Actions You Can Take for a Stronger, Happier Workplace. Nothing to share just yet but hoping to cover more by the end of next week!
    • I didn't want to buy it from Amazon, so I reached out to a local bookstore in Waterloo. They told me that McGraw-Hill (publisher of this book) usually delivers in about a week but given weather conditions in Canada, keep a maximum of ten days in mind. I called them after ten business days, and another person told me that this book would arrive in less than two weeks. So now I'd call them tomorrow to check the delivery status. Sadly this is the state of buying not-on-shelf books from outside Amazon. You either give money to a company that killed bookstores and get free 2-day delivery or be patient to wait for a much longer time to buy from local bookstores to support them.
    • Meanwhile, I started reading the book on my laptop through the library's O'Reilly online subscription, but it's not fun to read an entire book on a browser.

Date: Feb 6, 2022